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VAP 20 / VAP 500 (Alprostadil)
innovative PGE1 medicine, developed by “Pint Pharma” (Austria), VAP20 is used in vascular surgery for the conservative treatment of patients with critical limb ischemia, or for the preparation of the patients for surgery VAP500 - in neonatology for preparing children with severe congenital heart disease for surgery, and for adults cardiac surgery - as medical stage of heart transplantation. We started promoting the drug in 2011 and today it is used in surgical centers throughout Russia.
Vasoket® – purified diosmin, anything unnecessary

Treatment of varicose diseases of veins and hemorrhoids
• Efficiency (therapeutic equivalence in compared to 900 mg micronized diosmin and 100 mg hesperidin) at minimal drug load
• Safety (without dyes that can cause allergic reactions and others adverse events)
• Convenience in application (1 tablet per day)
• European quality on affordable price (developed in Switzerland, made in France)

Mechanism of action:
• Reduces the adhesion of leukocytes to the venous wall and their migration to paravenous tissues
• Improves microcirculation by increasing capillary resistance
• Reduces capillary permeability
• Improves oxygen diffusion and perfusion in tissues
• Increases the tone of venous vessels
• Improves lymphatic drainage
• Anti-inflammatory effect

Clinical effects:
• Reduces feeling of heaviness, fatigue and heat in the legs
• Provides a reduction in the severity of pain
• Reduces swelling
• Provides positive dynamics in the healing of trophic venous ulcers
• Reduces night cramps
• Helps stop rectal bleeding
• Provides relief or disappearance of pain and itching during exacerbation of hemorrhoids
Aducil® – the only European cylostazol in Russia
Aducil® is the most effective drug for the conservative treatment of intermittent claudication with proven effectiveness (it doubles the distance of walking and walking without pain). Aducil® contains cilostazol, the drug of choice for the treatment of intermittent claudication, according to Russian, European and American guidelines (highest level of evidence). Aducil® is the only cilostazol in Russia of a completely European production and quality.
Aetoxysklerol® is the most safe and popular sclerosant
The drug for sclerotherapy is presented in Russia in the forms of 0.5%, 1.0% and 3.0% solution. Various forms of the drug make it possible to effectively, minimally invasive treatment of varicose veins, which is an optimal alternative to standard medical or surgical treatment. Ease of use, low incidence of side effects and anesthetic properties of the drug, allowing to minimize pain during the procedure, really make Aetoxysklerol® the most popular drug for sclerotherapy.  Aetoxysklerol® is used for sclerosing varicose veins, telangiectasias and hemorrhoids, the safest drug in its class, while providing a good cosmetic effect.  Aetoxysklerol® - the world standard in sclerotherapy, sclerosant with anesthetic effect.  Aetoxysklerol® is effective for any type of superficial vein network, allows sclerosing veins of any diameter, treatment does not require hospitalization.