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Aethoxysclerol (Lauromacrogol 400 by Kreussler Pharma) –
used to treat varicose veins of the lower extremities, esophageal varices and hemorrhoids. Entered the Russian market in 2009, we made a relaunch of the drug. Wide coverage of the target audience, active participation in conferences and congresses, creative promotional actions let Aethoxysclerol to become sclerotherapy among phlebologists and vascular surgeons in Russia. Now the market share of Aethoxysclerol in Russian sclerosants’ market is nearly 70%.
VAP 20 / VAP 500 (Alprostadil) –
innovative PGE1 medicine, developed by “Pint Pharma” (Austria), VAP20 is used in vascular surgery for the conservative treatment of patients with critical limb ischemia, or for the preparation of the patients for surgery VAP500 - in neonatology for preparing children with severe congenital heart disease for surgery, and for adults cardiac surgery - as medical stage of heart transplantation. We started promoting the drug in 2011 and today it is used in surgical centers throughout Russia.
Pletol (Cilostazol) –
is a drug with the largest evidence base for the treatment of intermittent claudication (Chronic arterial insufficiency IIB by classification of Fontaine-Pokrovsky). Due to the wide spread of tobacco use, there are a lot of patients in the CIS. Use of Pletol allows to increase the patients distance of walk in 1.5-3 times. SAM Pharmaceuticals began promoting Pletol in the Ukraine in 2016.